FREE Downloads

Most used tracks download for free use on youtube or vimeo. (or any personal project documentary, film, shortfilm, ads, etc)

Long long way home 4.4 MB 1.3 MB
BackgroundMusica2.mp3 1.3 MB 586.5 KB
Blood city 5.0 MB 1.5 MB
Director.mp3 6.2 MB 1.7 MB
Dhalius-16-Face bang sonic 3.0 MB 824.8 KB
formula fantasy 3.7 MB 977.9 KB
Dhalius-21-Guilt 7.1 MB 1.3 MB
Hangout.mp3 2.1 MB 625.3 KB
How lovely 3.9 MB 1.1 MB
ITunes killed the CD star.mp3 4.7 MB 1.4 MB
Lotus.mp3 3.1 MB 899.5 KB
Madeline 3.4 MB 1,016.9 KB
Panda Killer 5.7 MB 1.6 MB
The alternative.mp3 6.3 MB 1.8 MB
The Shoes of Mama 4.0 MB 1.0 MB
Unbeaten 4.2 MB 1.2 MB
Walking at South Jefferson ST.mp3 1.4 MB 712.0 KB
Dhalius-17-Wave back the evening 3.7 MB 1.1 MB
Ways.mp3 6.9 MB 2.1 MB
YEAH 4.1 MB 1.2 MB
Youth revolver 3.9 MB 1.1 MB
background image.mp3 5.1 MB 2.3 MB
backsound.mp3 2.4 MB 1.2 MB
big ben.mp3 2.6 MB 716.9 KB
google maps.mp3 1.8 MB 510.5 KB
listening to photos.mp3 3.6 MB 1.6 MB
remember the old days.mp3 5.5 MB 1.5 MB



South Hills Records is a simple platform to distribute free music under the creative commons licenses, but also to sell music synch & commercial licensing to indie and commercial filmmakers, videomakers, ad agencies, radiostations, tv broadcasters, students and users that make non-commercial (or commercial) videos mainly on youtube, vimeo, dailymotion and regional or local events or broadcasts, we think that if a user wants to use a track for non-commercial usage, they can download and use the track for free, but if a user is making a commercial video (revenue), he must buy a commercial license (using or directly contacting us) so we can also have a bit of that revenue. We have registered over 50 musical uses in the past 2 years, all around the world, users from Brazil, Italy, India, France, Mexico, Spain and United Kingdome have used one of our tracks on many of their projects. Even commercial tv channels from Mexico (ESPN Latin) and United Kingdome (BBC 4oD channel) have broadcasted one of our tracks. But we also offer some digital services, like digital distribution on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon for a low fee in Mexico, Canada and USA. Free Usage of our music Give credit and point back to our website ( on the video description or credits (please include our email, website and Dhalius as artist name), we want you to share our music (download any track on our search library tab). Commercial For any information about Licensing one of our tracks for commercial usage, you can send us the name of the track you may need, or you can contact directly to PrsForMusic Music Licensing, You just need to supply them : 1. The Name of the Track and our CAE:619749505, and fill some forms. Go directly on PrsForMusic to license any track for commercial usage: -BROADCAST AND ONLINE (TV, Radio or Online broadcast) -PRODUCTION MUSIC AND SYNC (Movie, Short, Documentaries, Series, Advertising -MUSIC FOR BUSINESSES (Cinema, charity, club) -ONLINE AND MOBILE (Websites, Commercial Online Projects of source) -RECORDED MEDIA (DVD, CD, Corporate, Games, Karaoke, etc) -LIVE VENUES AND EVENTS -BUSINESSES AND LIVE EVENTS Our contact email is: Our skypeID is: adrian.diazr

Top 10
tracks– # used
yeah 9
long long way home 5
wave back the evening 5
how lovely 4
lotus 4
formula fantasy 3
remember the old days 3
soon 3
the alternative 3
the road scene 3

We have two types of licenses: FREE and Commercial.
You can download any track for non-commercial usage, just add credits to your project or description of your video/podcast/or shortfilm:
Artist: Dhalius,
Track: “trackname_you_just_downloaded”,

If you requiere a commercial license: (broadcast, tv, radio, film, video, web,etc)
please contact:
just send a email titled: “Requesting use of Dhalius Music (South hills Records)”
and all the info of your project and the title of the track you want to use.
Welcome to South Hills Record
here are 3 zip links to 80 mp3 (our newest tracks until 2014):


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