Success story startup of 2014 “South Hills Records”

Well, South Hills Records, our start-up company has been around since 2008, first a European sonorization audio provider, then to a digital label, and finally in 2012 changed also to a open music archive library for people.

Huge Leap growth of South Hills Records music background track usage from 2008 to 2014:
2014——339….and counting

in 2013  south hills records had 41+ people uses of their music on videos on YouTube and vimeo, but in 2014 it exploded registering 339 uses, maybe getting into the 400 uses at the end of december 2014, so from 41 to 400 its a lot of growth, South Hills Records has proven that the free and monetized model can work together and have revenue, at least for a 2 year span (2013 to 2014), its South Hills Records in its way to become the Latin american best open music provider? at the moment the answer its yes, but we can see what height it can reach in 2015. thanks to everyone that supports South Hills Records and the projects behind it.

Give Music, Reach People.

South Hills Records

CEO Adrian Diaz , December 2014


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