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Amateur Telescope Making

Amateur Telescope Making Websites

The Headless Telescope Maker
Don’t loose your head! Use our ATM links
to solve your Telescope Making problems.

(April 2005 Stellafane Mirror Class*)

Telescope Makers and Their Instruments

Dick Parker & his refractor
Dick Parker* with his Refractor
Charlie Wicks with his 20" scope
Charlie Wicks with his 20″ scope
October, 2002 Stellfane Mirror Class
Rough Grinding in the great outdoors
at the Stellafane Mirror Class

(October 2002 Stellafane Mirror Class)

Telescope Making
Workshops and Seminars

Links to World Wide Mirror Class Listings.

Link to the Stellafane Mirror Class.

Astronomy Conventions & Star Parties

Please drop us a note if you would like your event listed.

See the Sky & Telescope Event Calendar or Astronomy’s Community Events for additional world-wide listings.

Astronomy Clubs

This list is mainly Northeast United States clubs that we know about, and where we have many friends. Please drop us a note if you would like your club listed.

Also see Sky & Telescope’s Clubs & Organizations Directory or Astronomy’s Astronomy Groups for additional world-wide listings.

List Serves and Discussion Groups

Mirror Making

Glass Fabrication

Mirror Grinding

Grinding Tools

Grinding Machines

A Mirror O Matic machine
A Mirror-O-Matic Machine

Mirror Polishing

Pitch Laps

Figuring & Parabolizing Techniques

Coating and Aluminizing

Making Other Optics


Optical Flats & Secondaries

Compound Optics & Catadioptrics

Unobstructed Telescopes

Jim Daley's 9" Schupmann
Jim Daley’s 9″ Schupmann*

Optical Testing

Foucault Testing

Foucault & Ronchi Testers

Ronchi Testing

Null Testing

Ross Null test at Stellafane Mirror Class
Jay Drew’s Ross Null Tester*
(With Thanks To SteveSwayze)


Couder Masks & Pin Sticks

Spherometers & Edge Testers

Compound Optics & Cats

Caustic Testing

Star Testing

Optical Quality


Other Optical Testing Info

Optical Design and Analysis Software

Optical Design Software

Fringe Analysis Software

Mask & Zone Calculation

Test Reduction Software

FigureXP Screen Shot
FigureXP Foucault Data Reduction Program

Telescope Design Software

Newtonian Design

Compound Telescope Design

Tilted Component Design

Mirror Cell Design

Optical Formulae

Miscellaneous Software

Optical Tube Assembly Components


Spiders & Diagonal Holders

Mirror Cells

A homemade wooden mirror cell
Mac McAvoy’s Wooden Mirror Cell

Other Components

Telescope Mount Construction

Dobs and Other Alt-Az Mounts

Schupmann on a classic Berry-style alt-az mount.
David Groski’s Schupmann*
On A Berry-Style Alt-Az Mount

German Equatorial Mounts

Old School Pipe Mount Equatorial by Larry Brown
Larry Brown’s German Equatorial
Old-School Pipe Mount Beauty

Equatorial Platforms

Split Ring Mounts

Split Ring Mount
Nathan Spaulding’s Split Ring Mount
at the 2001 Stellafane Convention

Binocular Telescopes & Bino Mounts

Binoculars on Integrated Chair Mount
Gary Frishkorn’s Binoculars
at the 2006 Stellafane Convention

Digital Setting Circles

Scope Drive

Building Techniques

Commercial Suppliers

The following list of suppliers is provided as a service to our readers to help them obtain parts for making telescopes. Inclusion/exclusion on this list does not imply an endorsement by the Springfield Telescope Makers of the supplier or their products. Please feel free to send us suggestions for new links (see note at end of this page).

Mirror & Lens Making Supplies

Mirror Blanks & Optical Glass

Finished Mirrors & Lenses

Secondary & Diagonal Mirrors

Curve Generation

Refiguring & Optical Testing

Optical Coatings


Spiders & Secondary Holders

Mirror Cells

Optical Tube Assembly Parts

Truss Tubing & Hardware

Full Tubes

Mounts, Kits & Tripods

Equatorial Platforms

Digital Setting Circles


Testers & Accessories

Other Goodies

History and People

Russell Williams Porter*

Porter's Garden Telescope
Russell W. Porter*
and Garden Telescopes

History Lessons

Al Nagler*

John Dobson*

Texas Star Party

Delmarva Stargazers MMMs

Oregon Star Party Walk-Abouts



Other Related Topics

Amateur-Made Observatories

Link of the Month Archive

Other ATM Links Pages

Springfield Telescope Makers

Stellafane Convention & STM Related Info

Stellafane – Home of the Springfield Telescope Makers

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